SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for local businesses

Having a beautiful and website is just one piece of the on-line jigsaw.  You must consider how you intend to get visitors to the site.  With search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) being by far the biggest source of visitors for almost every website getting this part right is really important.  With the silver website package and upwards you will be well on the way to a achieving a good ranking.  Our basic SEO offering features the following:

  • Registering of the website with Google and submission of a sitemap

  • Registering the site with Google Places (local business directory)

  • Registering the site with Google Analytics (so you can track the number of vistors and their source)

  • Writing of site description

  • Recommendation and inclusion site keywords


What ranking can I expect?


This very depends upon what you want to be found against.  For example a page 1 ranking for "SEO" would be extemely difficult as you are competing with 1000's of other sites, however "SEO in chichester" is very feasible.  Examples of Clever Penguin customers ranking can be seen below *:


* Rankings correct as of 8th May 2013.


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How do I find

a plumber in


chichester-Google-SEO google table

Over 50% of our customers have a page 1 ranking with Google